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Dj Vivona feat. Jinadu - Angels Cry - SNKE001

Traxsource Release: 12th November 2015
Worldwide Release: 10th December 2015

Sunclock announce a new subdivision that will go down, deep... and dark! You’ll see ‘​SNKE’ brand on this new label side. The first hit is ‘​Angels Cry’ by the label founder D​j Vivona,​an amazing big room release with the voice by J​inadu,​a great vocalist and songwriter from London already well know thanks to collaborations with F​rankey & Sandrino and J​impster,​just to name a few. His voice on this project is sick and give the right thickness to the whole package.

‘Main Mix’ has an impressive groove with gigantic bassline and aggressive synths melodies. Jinadu’s vocal create a sad atmosphere. The groove will shake the biggest dancefloors. Echoes and delay expertly used to create a deep travel. The incredible break concentrate all these elements that explode when the groove beat again.

‘Travel Mix’ has a more imponent imprint thanks to the main elettro synth that round for all the track. Will keep thousand people dancing from the first second to the last one. Extremely hot atmosphere that emphasize Jinadu’s crescendo vocal, that will generate a contagious fever all over the club. A killerfloor.

‘Drunk Mix’ has an eclectic groove with something near ‘70s imprint. Synth and bassline really work out fused with the classic groove. Different atmosphere but always focused on dancefloor schemes. Interesting synths melodies. The middle break create an amazing flavor with Jinadu’s speech and arch crescendo until the end of the track. Track is unpredictable until the end, arch crescendo and a sick succession of unexpected synths will close it in great style.