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System Of Survival - Rotate Ep - SNKE017

Beatport Release: 24th November 2017
Worldwide Release: 8th December 2017

Sunclock, for the SNKE dept, is proud to have the acclaimed italian duo System Of Survival, already well know for their music released on big labels like Get Physical, BPitch Control, Rawax and their own label Fventi. These guys are so eclectic without any definition line on their dj set. They really know how to shake thousand people on dancefloor… and for sure they know how to make them dance with their productions. ‘Rotate Ep’ is an extremely hard package that contain rough and strong tracks. ‘Trasparency’ has a strong rhythm with acid synths in perfect Chicago old school. Arches crescendo are fused with the suggestive vocoder by Kaysand, accompanied by refined hot pad. ‘Mission’ is much aggressive with totally sick rhythm and a particular dirty groove. Pure dynamite. ‘Rotate’ perfectly express the meaning of the title with dirty groove, jackin roots and sloppy bassline. The deep synths round and round until the end, and make it follow by the whole crowd. ‘Filter Kings’ has a straight and bouncing groove with original ’90s elements that make this interesting and always useful for big dancefloors.