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Leonardo Chevy - It Was A Dream Ep - SNKE026

Beatport Release: 8th March 2019
Worldwide Release: 5th April 2019

'It Was A Dream Ep' is the new SNKE pearl by Leonardo Chevy. 
This hypnotic EP consists of 3 fantastic tracks that will make your head spin.
'Kepler 438B' is a very dangerous tank very impressive right from the start. The dry and straight groove, obscure synth from the liquid effect, disturbed voice up to the middle of the first minute in which a very acidic electronic soul is unleashed, which tightens all the muscles in an incessant dance ... until the last second , interspersed with interesting breaks.
'It Was A Dream (Dubstrumental)' has something heavily disturbed. Hypnotic and deliberately distressing lamentations leave room for skilful electronic melodies rich in well-studied and composed synths. A background sounds that build a nightmare outline, amplified during the central break ... wow!
'It Was A Dream (I Have Been Here)' is basically the same as the previously described version, but a "particular detail" will give you the coup de grace and will leave you lying on the dancefloor! BOOM!