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Claudio Gasparini - Dies Irae Ep - SNKE028

Beatport Release: 21st June 2019
Worldwide Release: 5th July 2019

SNKE is always ready to churn out new ideas and new artists like Claudio Gasparini, dj and Italian producer from the city of Turin. His debut on our team is resounding! A fantastic 'Dies Irae Ep' composed of 3 deadly tracks that will leave you breathless.

'Dies Irae' is a heavily electronic and dark track. The slow but inexorable groove builds an intense perfect energy to be poured on gigantic dance floors. The electronic synths with a pure tech mold and the constant growth of the bass line, characterized by a mood acid, build a surreal atmosphere. The central break is very particular and "reflective", it serves to prepare the ground for a deadly restart which is a mix between pure destructive energy and a mystical journey.

'Anemone' is an urgent and dynamic track. The intro is very suggestive thanks to groove evolutions that are constructed verse by verse. The track preserves a sick mental journey atmosphere thanks to the incredible and unexpected evolutions of electronic synths that intertwine with each other.

'Starless' has a very hard and dirty groove and a more progressive root, full of electronic synths full of very interesting effects. Its evolution is a slow crescendo that acquires energy and thickness until it reaches a deep and suggestive central break that manages to release that club atmosphere that every club needs.