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Radyon - Disturbed (Incl. Otherside) - SNKE030

Beatport Release: 25th October 2019
Worldwide Release: 8th November 2019

Radyon, one of SNKE's spearheads, is the creator of another highly ill and disturbed release. It's no coincidence that its title is 'Disturbed', and it contains 2 techno tracks that have a mental hospital genesis.
Disturbed' is complicated enough to describe: this confused vortex of electronic sounds and synths with a slightly minimal mood. Distortions, hypnotic effects over an incessant groove but unpredictable in every octave. It seems to be under a constant abuse of psychotropic drugs... but the sum of all these elements, actually written and composed in a workmanlike manner, leads to a wonderful and totally unexpected result. The central break is an absurd journey.
Other Side' has a slight particular intro that immediately leaves room for hypnosis and a pounding groove. The 4/4 bass drum works very well accompanied by a very effective squat and round bass turn. The electronic synths that act as the backbone pull the atmosphere very well, and the rhythm brings with it the energy of big dance floors. Another SNKE pearl that should not be missing in your repertoire.