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Dj Vivona - Uheri (incl. Sputnik) - SNKE031

Beatport Release: 29th November 2019
Worldwide Release: 13th December 2019

The dark side of Dj Vivona takes over in this whirling release entitled 'HERI', a single formed by two overwhelming tracks that will upset your dancefloors.
Uheri' has a slightly dirty groove march style, direct and essential. A constant synth melody alternate perfectly with the evolutions of the groove, the contour of the bass always present gives the right depth to the whole. The central break is insane and the restart is devastating. This track will keep a demanding hold on the dancefloor.
Sputnik' has a hypnotic and very heavy groove. The bass ride is disturbing, along with a series of effects and synths from another planet. Groove evolutions follow an impressive crescendo, along with electronic synths. The second half of the track is characterized by a hypnotic melody but aggressive at the same time. Even with this track the dancefloor will have no respite.
This package is a real killerfloor! You can choose between the two tracks at random ... the dancefloor will be grateful! Playing them both will be the right thing to do!