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Giuseppe Magnatti - Guava (incl. Smooth) - SNKE032

Beatport Release: 13th december 2019
Worldwide Release: 27th December 2019

Giuseppe Magnatti came back to delight us with one of his hand grenades that falls by the brush for SNKE. "Guava" is an eclectic single composed of 2 tracks very different from each other but equally functional on the dance floor with a wealth of sound ranging from Afro tech with acid tips to the house of the 90s. A truly original package.
Guava' has a straight groove enriched by maracas and light synths that season an Afro base as a whole. The electronic synths are accentuated in a constant crescendo that, merging with the musical base, create a deadly and energetic mix. The break in the second half of the song ... goodbye! A killerfloor!
Smooth' has a more classic approach: straight kick drum in old style 4/4. The groove, very energetic, reflects the sounds of the house garage productions of the 90's. The very warm pad melody creates that underground atmosphere that characterized that period. A real leap back in time but with the right composure and originality. The break is very decisive but effective for the energy on the track. A package that brings out the two souls of the artist the most nostalgic and conservative of 'Smooth' as opposed to the more experimental and modern of 'Guava'. Whatever your interpretation may be, the package cannot be missing.