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JP Chronic feat. Thallie - Again (incl. Tarantini & Romero, Talkback and Dj Vivona Rmxs) - SNKE005

Beatport Release: TBA
Worldwide Release: TBA

JP Chronic, owner of Chronovision Ibiza label, after his amazing remix on one of the first Sunclock releases, is back with a disturbed Deep side called ‘Again’, with the hypnotic voice by Thallie, a great singer from Mauritius, that already worked with him. This production will increase the ‘SNKE’ division with another pearl, containing amazing remixes by Francesco Tarantini & Hector Romero, Talkback aka Sossa & Jacopo G, and Dj Vivona.

‘Francesco Tarantini & Hector Romero NY Remix’ has a gummy groove with a funky bassline. They built an amazing Deep atmosphere. The incredible pad melody give another class level to the entire track. In the second part of the track an incredible percussion session will bring you until the end of the track.

‘Talkback Remix’ aka Sossa & Jacopo G has straight and imponent groove from the first seconds. Original elettro synth melody and cutted vocals are particoular and will intrigue you, meanwhile you never stop dance it until the end. The second small break has an amazing effect… you will notice for sure.

‘Original Mix’ has an impressive noisy beat, really aggressive, that bring you immediately into the big room atmosphere. Fat and strong electric bassline give thickness to the entire track. After the first break… the whole club will collapse on itself. A truly bomb.

‘Dj Vivona Remix’ take a more minimal way with sound kindly cold but effective in the same way. Unceasing groove with sick elettro synths. Thallie’s vocals are more distorted and delayed. After the 3rd minute the synth melody become really bad. See u at the middle break… we will speak about it….