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Mephia & Bobby Starrr - Red (incl. Dj Vivona Remix) - SNKE007

Traxsource Release: 21st July 2016
Worldwide Release: 4th August 2016

From SNK to SNKE, Mephia cross the internal Sunclock line with Bobby Starrr, a creative Berlin based dj/producer, co-resident of the monthly House party “e·man·ci·pate” and partner of Tyree Cooper for the Jack the Box project. They teamed up to compose ‘RED’, a strong single that contain a remix by our Dj Vivona. A strong bomb that will color your dancefloor during summer season.

‘Original Mix’ has a dirty and fat groove that seems a tank that never stop. Deep and long breathe synths build a suggestive atmosphere that every big dancefloor will feel immediately. This track will make you slowly enjoy every sound and evolution of it. A long travel that will glue people on dancefloor. Middle break with a particular voice over make the track further interesting.

‘Dj Vivona’ Remix is more straight with an aggressive bassline and acid elettro synth. The ‘80s pad melodies are extremely tasty for the danceloor. The break give a small breathe to restart with all the energy that bring the dancefloor until the end of the track.