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Nipkoss - Afrore Ep - SNK077

Traxsource Release: 30th August 2018
Worldwide Release: 13th September 2018

Sunclock is pleased to welcome in the family a new producer Nipkoss that debuts with 'Afrore Ep' containing 3 interesting tracks... afro flavors of exceptional originality and eclecticism.'Lupo' has a very African-looking groove accompanied by an excellent bass spin consisting of effective electronic synths. The song presents several melodic variations that make the song very long-lived. The central break is very original and will have a sure impact on the track when it starts again.'Semaj' has a deeper and more electronic root, but always preserving the afro nature. The electronic synths are particularly hypnotical and stick to very long notes. The hints of marimba and the suggestive break characterized by afro songs create a unique and special atmosphere. A very special Ep that you absolutely must not miss!