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Luciano FM & Gianluca Viscovo - Etosha (incl. C minor Remix) - SNK078

Traxsource Release: 6th September 2018
Worldwide Release: 20th Setember 2018

Luciano FM this time offers us a new single teamed with Gianluca Viscovo. The album is titled 'Etosha' and is composed of 3 deadly versions, including a fantastic remix by C minor.The original mix has a more deep house root with a good beat with a 4/4 speaker. The electronic synths are very present and energetic, but above all effective thanks to their sudden change of tone. The central break is very sick and focuses on a constantly growing crescendo dy electronic melody until it releases a lot of energy from the dancefloor. The remix of Luciano FM has a devastating groove with a stringent rhythm. Very minimal but at the same time refined atmosphere. The synths are much less intrusive creating a suggestive atmosphere. A heavy continuous synth acts as a carpet to the whole song, accompanying it until the central break formed by percussions and melodies of exciting synths that follow each other until they start again at full strength.'C minor' remix is characterized by a beautiful gear with pressing percussions perfectly fused to electronic synths that immediately raise the rhythm and make the atmosphere very excited. The bass is energetic and powerful, continuously advanced to destroy the dancefloor. The electronic synth accompany the constant crescendo improving the grip on the full danceability of the track. The fantastic psychedelic break will lay down the whole club with absolute certainty. Another hand grenade, signed by Sunclock, not to be missed.