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Dj Vivona - Moran (Zico House Junkie Remix) - SNK082

Traxsource Release: 10th January 2019
Worldwide Release: 24th January 2019

The next release on Sunclock is a title already known for its great effectiveness. 'Moran' by Dj Vivona ... this time remixed in an absolutely eclectic and fabulous way!The remix of Zico House Junkie is a real hand grenade in afro house key with vague progressive influences. The song is characterized by an electronic synth and the powerful bass line that characterizes the song, even in its original version. Towards the middle of the piece explodes a fantastic sequence of percussion that increases its power, all to arrive at the central break, impressive, suggestive and deadly, then start off by release a great power that will have a hard impact on the largest dance floors.