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Joi Cardwell & Dj Vivona - Magic, Pt.2 (Incl. Mannix and Q Narongwate Remixes) - SNK084

Traxsource Release: 14th february 2019
Worldwide Release: 28th Februaty 2019

Joi Cardwell and Dj Vivona return to Sunclock with their latest production 'Magic', this time with a pair of respectable remixers.The remix curated by Mannix has a purely and classically house mold; 4/4 case where the voice of Joi Cardwell, impeccably and marvelously, is gently laid. A composed and classy bass melody accompanies the whole track together with a delicate pad. A beautiful reinterpretation with jacket and tie.Q Narongwate has a dirtier style right from the first beat of the groove. The addictive and low round infuses a highly clubby atmosphere. Its evolution in the second half of the song accompanied by a particular electronic synth brings the song to a higher level. Also in this review a warm pad is the carpet to the whole track. A fantastic package for this second part not to be missed.