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Mephia - Sunbreak (Incl. Agogo Disco) - SNK086

Traxsource Release: 28th February 2019
Worldwide Release: 28th March 2019

Mephia is now a certainty for Sunclock! His productions always boast of a unique and unmistakable style. Also this time he surprises us with 'Sunbreak', an eclectic production consisting of 2 very particular tracks.
'Sunbreak' has a very sunny style, basically in the style of Broken Beat, but very danceable. It is characterized by piano melodies crossed by a rough base and a warm pad that blends perfectly.
'Agogo Disco' has a more percussive root, always maintaining the high level of creativity, as in the previous track. This other is characterized by a substantial arrogance of a very stylish and effective guitar melody. The deadly turn of rhodes does not disappoint in the slightest. Once again Mephia amazes us thanks to its madness!