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Enoo Napa - Elements Ep - SNK090

Traxsource Release: 25th April 2019
Worldwide Release: 9th May 2019

Enoo Napa is the craftsman who made this fantastic Ep that has an aggressive afro house mood and the right dark touch. 'Elements Ep' is an interesting release that contains 3 deadly tracks that will not disappoint the expectations of your dancefloor.
'Monsters & Aliens' is a very suggestive and hypnotic track. The intro with percussive base becomes terrifying after the first minute thanks to the appearance of a very impressive electronic synth. The central break is a whirlwind that will hold everything in suspense and then start again giving off unrivaled power.
'They Are Coming' has a fluid rhythm, surrounded by a low heat and particular melodies of electronic synths. The track is a constant crescendo and psychedelic evolutions. A majestic track.
'Through Time & Space' has a much more sunny pace and more open sounds. The percussion accompany everything in a refined but not too soft. Also here are some hints of electronic synths. The melody of strings that enters with arrogance in the piece gives thickness and greatness to the whole complex. The second half is characterized by a very sharp and effective lap of the piano. This package can not miss in your repertoire, the dancefloor will thank you.