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Mephia - Feels (incl. Bring Back The Sun) - SNK091

Traxsource Release: 6th June 2019
Worldwide Release: 20th June 2019

Mephia is back on Sunclock with 'FEELS', another eclectic production containing two very original tracks with a very refined sound.

'Feels (Yeah)' is a rousing tribal refined track, but one that will keep you glued to the dancefloor. The melody of bass from that club meaning that gives a lot of depth to the song. The central break is very appealing.

'Bring Back The Sun' is a very interesting lounge / chill out track, always with a percussive background, with very hot bass and very attractive guitar strings. A perfect song for a summer cocktail. A special package from a special manufacturer. Don't miss it.