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Darksidevinyl - Into The Sun (incl. Moamba) - SNK092

Traxsource Release: 13th June 2019
Worldwide Release: 27th June 2019

Sunclock welcomes Darksidevinyl. A new entry of Egyptian origin but implanted in St. Petersburg. His style featuring Afro-house roots with progressive influences creates exceptional things like this 2-track single that we're going to present to you: 'Into The Sun'.

'Into The Sun' has a powerful, very sharp percussive beat. The synth melodies immediately give a wide sound box and the right energy to make thousands of people tremble. The initial break catapults us into a dark limbo and then hurls us violently on an aggressive beat enriched by a powerful bassline. A song that excites great energy.

'Moamba' retains the same aggressiveness but with a more compact setting. The introductory break is rather sick. Electronic sounds are very special. The electronic synths that characterize this track are composed but with great effectiveness on the track. The different mini breaks present throughout the draft give the song the right dose of surprise. Track suitable for very large dance floors.