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Dj Vivona - Kubra - SNK093

Traxsource Release: 27th June 2019
Worldwide Release: 11th July 2019

'Kubra' is the new bomb of Dj Vivona. This track is pure energy released to make the greatest dancefloors you can ever imagine tremble. The groove is heavily powerful with a turn of devastating afro percussion. The passage passes from one step to another with impressive groove variations. The Afro choir contextualizes the whole atmosphere creating a suggestive environment. The electronic synths that face from the second half onwards cement the power of the entire track and the sweet melodies of Arabic Oud is the icing on the cake that perfects the whole. The break in the second half ... goodbye!

The 'B-Side Mix' has the same power and grandeur but has a more electronic and rough root. The bass synth is more pronounced and rough. The Oud is more pronounced thanks to the lesser presence of choirs ... which makes it possible to push the heavier tune increasing its power further. The break is still and hypnotic thanks to the presence of the only choir insert, to then load the percussion and recover a big earthquake on the track. A bomb!