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Sebastian (Ita) - Pornfood Ep (incl. Mephia Remix) - SNK094

Traxsource Release: 4th July 2019
Worldwide Release: 18th July 2019

A new sicilian talent joins the Sunclock team. Sèbastian arrives direct from Trapani with a very interesting ep titled "Pornfood Ep". The package with a clear Afro and deep house nature is formed by 3 very interesting tracks ... among these a fantastic remix by Mephia.

'Original Mix' has a sprung and bouncy groove accompanied by bizarre, very light electronic synth melodies that create a sparkling atmosphere. The second part, after a quick break, gives way to a more rigid atmosphere characterized by a nice penetrating bass, all accompanied by eclectic percussion.

'Mephia Remix' has a dirty groove but with a very hard and effective beat on big dancefloors. The Afro touch is slightly more accentuated thanks to more invasive melodies of ayet, always keeping a certain composure that characterizes the song.

'Moon Flower' has a percussive approach that tends to be more African-like but has a more electronic nature thanks to the overbearing synths that remain in the foreground for the whole duration. The song has considerable energy and the dancefloor will be thrilled. The pause is hypnotic and sick but the restart will be a rude awakening for everyone.