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Aerobatik - Leopard Ep - SNK095

Traxsource Release: 8th August 2019
Worldwide Release: 22nd August 2019

The new italian trio called Aerobatik deliver their debut release 'Leopard Ep' on Sunclock. We're so glad to introduce you this amazing package formed by 3 slamming tracks.

'Night Gazzelle (Original Mix)' is a concentration of percussion accompanied by a plump bass, all surrounded by African choirs. The track releases excellent dancefloor energy. The central break has a big impact on the atmosphere that is created and that will send the dancefloor in ecstasy!

'Night Gazzelle (Dub Mix)' has a more overbearing impact. The groove is sharp and the electronic synths that accompany all the bass bearing structure are very effective. Small breaks that hint at 90s sounds with a clear jackin mold. This version preserves the percussive root of the original. Eclectic!

'Leopard' is a sprung and danceable track. The groove is soft but holds well on large dance floors. The low bully that starts in the first minute is very particular. The carrier melody is composed of
electronic synths and choral effects with meticulous attention to detail. The song is particularly effective in big dancefloors but remains in a certain area of ​​composure to preserve devastating effects in the most refined club atmosphere! The package is extremely interesting!