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Enoo Napa - Behind These Walls Ep - SNK098

Traxsource Release: 5th September 2019
Worldwide Release: 19 September 2019

"BEHIND THESE WALLS EP" is the title of the new package signed Enoo Napa. He no longer needs any presentation but his package contains 3 devastating afro house tracks.
'Behind These Walls' has a long evocative intro featuring percussion with a unique touch, building a very special atmosphere. In the first half of the track the percussion becomes incisive and pounding, bringing the rhythm to a higher level. Instead, in the second half a clever electronic synth strengthens the whole structure until you get a break and an almost frightening restart for mastery of conception and effectiveness.
'The Drummer' has a more rubbery groove that will glue the dancefloor. The percussions are very pressing, very particular is the snare drum melody that structures the whole track. The synth that with arrogance takes over is the glue to a series of magical evolutions composed of strings and choirs, all building an ancestral atmosphere to say the least epic.
'February' has an African groove with a very excited rhythm. The electronic synths that characterize this track look like rotating blades that will lay down all the most challenging dancefloors. From the second half it's all a crescendo of synths and rhythm releasing a crazy energy.
This package is literally a dangerous bomb. You can choose with your eyes closed between the 3 tracks ... the result will be devastating in any case!