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Elias Kazais & George Nikolaou - Burning Sand - SNK099

Traxsource Release: 19th Semptember 2019
Worldwide Release: 26th Semptember 2019

The next bomb comes straight from Greece! With great enthusiasm we present Elias Kazais & George Nikolau debuting on Sunclock with "Burning Sand", a single format 2 two dangerous versions for any dancefloor!
Original Mix' is a pneumatic hammer that will make everything shake from the first beat! The piano melody is very particular and effective. After the first minute the rhythm starts to take off thanks to sharp electronic synths that will surprise everyone to listen. The percussions enrich the whole giving it the right completeness. An impressive version!
Deep Dub' has a more minimal imprint. The groove is more accentuated as are much more prominent the percussion that characterizes the track. The energy is the same but developed in a different and interesting way from all points of view. The central break is very effective and the restart very suggestive thanks to the well-structured background effects. Surprising and new melodies of percussion appear after the breaks always leaving amazement to those who carefully dance and listen. A really beautiful package from all points of view. It can not miss in your repertoire.