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Oxygenbuntu Ft B'Utiza - We Bafana - SNK100

Traxsource Release: 26th September 2019
Worldwide Release: 10th October 2019

Sunclock has finally arrived at its hundredth release, we are proud of the path taken and we will work even harder for the future. This important milestone is marked by a particular release with a South African flavor produced by Oxygenbuntu, a young and talented producer, along with the fantastic voice of B'Utiza. 
We Bafana' has a hypnotic afrohouse rhythm with very strong percussions perfectly blended with a strident electronic synth that keeps glued to the dancefloor since the first beat. After the first minute the warm voice goes perfectly with the melodic carpet cleverly constructed. The song explodes with heavy and very effective electronic synths that fill the structural melody of the song and enrich the already powerful bass. The central break is very characteristic and African, enriched by surprising percussions and then restart releasing a crazy energy! Not having this record is a sacrilege!