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Thab De Soul & InQfive - Bought Her Flowers (incl. Underneath A Cloud) - SNK102

Traxsource Release: 31st October 2019
Worldwide Release: 14th November 2019

For the next release we have an explosive duo of South African producers Thab De Soul & InQfive, who together have donated us their 'BOUGHT HER FLOWER', a wonderful afro single that also contains the track 'Underneath A Cloud'.
Bought Her Flower' is a very particular Afro deep track. Its artistic elaboration is well composed building immediately a particular atmosphere that the biggest dance floors will not have difficulty to perceive. The melodic composition of the electronic synths that overlap each other has a masterful and breathtaking effect. The central break with the piano solo is soft, but with an energetic restart. The whole piece is really very particular... you can't even perceive the house rhythm as far as it's well written in all its parts and the crossing of all its parts blends perfectly. Epic result!
Underneath A Cloud' has a more aggressive mould and is focused on the rules of the dancefloor. Here too there are refined percussions accompanied by rough but effective electronic synths. The evolutions of the groove improve the involvement on the track in a constant crescendo that blends perfectly with African choirs. The track doesn't give up for a moment and from the second half the choir adds some choruses that blend perfectly looking like synths. All in a carousel in continuous movement and evolution!