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Darksidevinyl - Atoyama (incl. Dyanga) - SNK103

Traxsource Release: 7th November 2019
Worldwide Release: 21th November 2019

Darksidevinyl is back! He comes with a deadly afro house Ep! The title is 'Atoyama' and consists of two very beautiful and effective tracks.
Atoyama' has an Afro groove with some very good bouncy percussions, supported by a straight and dancing groove. The first break introduces an interesting melody of synth that gives solid support to the whole expression of the song. The break is hypnotic thanks to a very foggy Afro choir. A wonderful marimba will surprise you in the second part! A very respectable song that the dancefloor will appreciate.
Dyanga' has a noisier groove thanks to ayets that are anything but shy. The track acquires thickness and harshness thanks to electronic synth melodies, which stand out clearly thanks to the very deep break. The second half is characterized by a suggestive flute and rough percussion. A very suitable package for great dancefloors!