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Dazzle Drums - Ijoigbo Ep - SNK104

Traxsource Release: 14th November 2019
Worldwide Release: 28th November 2019

It's time for Dazzle Drums once again. This time their 'Ijoigbo Ep' takes us into an afro house dimension of the highest level. The package consists of 3 explosive tracks.
Ijoigbo' has a nice pounding groove accompanied by engaging percussion. A very hot pad acts as a springboard for an aggressive electronic synth that creates the bass lap on which the whole track rests and is the forerunner to a fantastic African chorus. The central break is well designed and structured, and is very empathetic. The following reprise is explosive!
'Giardinetti Ride' has a dirty, dry and pungent groove. The bass is rough, while the percussion is very sharp and violent. The track is dizzying... a real earthquake for any dancefloor!
Ijoigbo (Afro Stomp Mix)' has a more natural percussive touch and therefore more refined and soft, preserving exactly the essence of the song and its energy. The electronic synth is equally present but revisited in a more "raw" key. All these variations together give life to an incredible more live version. This version in its entirety is really impressive.