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Soulcool - Musangwe Ep - SNK113

Traxsource Release: 20th February 2020
Worldwide Release: 5th March 2020

Soulcool is another great new entry into the big Sunclock family. His "Musangwe Ep" is a concentrate of afro house energy formed by 3 very strong and effective tracks. Turning from 'Musangwe' with the right touch deep tech, thanks to some unique electronic synth compositions and interesting keyboard turns. Tremble' has a more classical but very energetic percussive base. Characterized by a constantly growing bass turn, the driving force behind this version. The central break is well structured and then starts again bringing us to another dimension. 'Tulum Beach' has a more sunny genesis is of the broad tones. A track that will give a nice mental journey to your bigger dancefloors.