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Junior Pappa - Music Is (incl. Stefan Biniak Remix) - SNK018

Beatport Release: 7thJanuary 2016
Worldwide Release: 21th January 2016

Junior Pappa, the highly respected greek dj / producer, is back on Sunclock. After his incredible remix of ‘Elevate’ by Jon Cutler featuring Blackfoot U-Ahk, he deliver ‘Music Is’, an amazing Deep House track full of warm sounds and strong rhythm, with a huge remix by Stefan Biniak, a german well-know name of the House Music industry.

‘Original Mix’ has a cool classic groove with a strong kick, hot bassline with warm synths that create a strong track base really danceable on dancefloor. Suggestive oriental pad melodies with a deep dark speech over a bassline solo and a crescendo acid synth. This track it’s a combination of club athmosphere, deep vibes, keeping the dancefloor key rules.

‘Stefan Biniak Remix’ has more tech vibes. Dry groove, robotic vocoder, and aggressive imprint. A pure killerfloor with imponent elettro bassline all over the track. The sudden groove change will impress the dancefloor keeping it dancing until the last second.