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Cristian Vinci, Mirko Vice - Masai Woman's - SNK019

Traxsource Release: 21th January 2016
Worldwide Release: 4th February 2016

After the amazing remix did it for ‘Estrella’, C​ristian Vinci,​the well know producer and percussionist, with M​irko Vice,​a great sicilian dj, is back on Sunclock with ‘​Masai Woman’s’,​an huge Afro House release composed by 2 different versions that will warm the dancefloor atmosphere. The amazing and suggestive african choirs give the right boost to the whole release.

‘Cristian Vinci’s Mix’ has an impressive percussive flavor over a fast and gummy groove that always evolve with snap and ayet until the end. Suggestive break well builded under the choirs... strong stuff.

‘Deep Mix’ has a more classic imprint on the beat with a funky synth that accompanies it over the clean and straight groove. Good rhythm for the entire track. Bad attack after the first break with a particular elettro sound.