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Bob'Ezy feat. Siya - Eyes On U (incl. Justin Imperiale, Q Narogwate and Cee ElAssaad Rmxs) - SNK023

Traxsource Release: 21st April 2016
Worldwide Release: 5th May 2016

The South African Vibes are back on Sunclock thanks to Bob'Ezy.
After his debut with 'China Town' it's time to 'Eyes On U', a new slamming single with the hot voice by Siya, another South African promise. The package will expect strong remixes by Justin Imperiale, owner of Cabana Recordings, Cee ElAssaad and Q Narongwate, a great Thai producer.

'Justin Imperiale Remix' has a samba percussive groove, with extremely latin flavour. Hot bassline, happy trumpets and light marimba all over the track build a really nice ambient that perfectly intersects with the vocals.

'Q Narogwate Remix' bring the deepest side of the release with few and straight sounds. Good groove with hot bassline. Pad melodies give hotness to the entire track. Interesting breaks with special effects bring the atmosphere to another level.

'Cee ElAssaad Remix' starts with a refined percussive groove and a main synth that will shake you until the elettro bassline starts. From that moment you'll never stop dance it until the end. Incredible club ambient with this version. Second part of the track evolve with new synth and energy.

'Original Mix' has the classic South African imprint. Refined groove with light percussion, hot pad for an extremely Deep flavour. All perfectly fused with the suave voice forming a kind of lullaby.