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Dj Vivona feat. Rahjwanti - Just So You'll Know Part 2 (Echonomist and SoulPoizen Rmxs) - SNK024

'Just So You'll Know' by Dj Vivona feat. Rahjwanti is here again in its part 2. The original one was a success thanks to Opolopo remix. The new package contain new slamming remixes by Echonomist the well know greek dj/producer, with his original musical concept, and SoulPoizen with his South African vibes. Package will expect also the instrumentals of the original mixes by Dj Vivona. This package will burn your dancefloor... give it a try!

'Echonomist Remix' is a 11 minutes of complete travel mind. Starting with inceasing straight groove with dirty crescendo bassline synth. Long and suggestive breaks. Totally sick version. Elettro synths more aggressive straight to acid sounds. Middle break is... goodbye!

'SoulPoizen Spirit-Tech Mix' has a warm athmosphere with clean deep bassline and jumpy groove. Hot pad and refined synth perfectly fused with vocals. Interesting small breaks that keep suggestive athmosphere. South African vibes in full effect.