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BLNCD SYSTM - SatAfrikán EP (Muddy Moany) - SNK064

Traxsource Release: 3rd May 2018
Worldwide Release: 17th May 2018

Arol $kinzie has teamed up with Spin Worx, another young South African producer. Together they form the BLNCD SYSTM. They presented themselves with a large and solid ep entitled "SatAfrikán EP". The first track "Satafrika" has a sick Afro house style with strong acid and minimal influences for how the electronic synth melodies are structured. The beat is straight and effective at the heart of a huge dance floor. This track is also characterized by a soft carpet of pad and a voice made and unhealthy, it seems to come from beyond the grave. "Uraman" has a more classic afro house root: warm bass ride on a well composed and structured percussive base, ambient with a very wide atmosphere, with a veil of mysticism and a breathtaking central pause. "Andele" has a killer groove with very metallic and sharp electronic synths in a steady crescendo very impressive. A real meat grinder from the dance floor. The electronic synths are very original and built to perfection. This EP is a real bomb!