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Mario Bianco - Kumay - SNK065

Traxsource Release: 10th May 2018
Worldwide Release: 24th May 2018

'Sunclock' presents its next release an EP produced by Mario Bianco. The first track 'Kumay' is hypnotic with a straight box groove accompanied by electronic synths and a nice bass that accompanies the whole track. The central break is really sick, a carousel of synths with hints of percussion, which turns, turns and turns until it explodes and change the structure of the song.'Hotchpotch' has a much more minimal start, but after the first minute it becomes equally overwhelming, with a strong afrodeep mold. The main electronic synth accompanies us throughout the song, up to the central break, characterized by a hypnotic voice that gives the right charge and then release all its power to vent it on the dancefloor. Mario Bianco really amazed us by putting his signature on a package of great respect and technical mastery. Truly a nice release.