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AfroZone - White Room - SNK075

Traxsource Release: 2nd August 2018
Worldwide Release: 16th August 2018

Sunclock welcomes a new duo from Angola, AfroZone, with Afro House roots fully expressed in their single "White Room". This package contains 2 very strong tracks, both of great impact on dancefloor."White Room" is straight and bad thanks to its groove and the whirling bass that runs throughout the track. The crescendo of electronic synths from even more power, accompanied by some psychedelic piano note that makes it all a bit surreal. Long central break leaves a little breathing and then resume with even more stringent energy."Black Room" has a more classic groove with a more rubbery, springy bass. The nature of the electronic synths present in this version make it tend to be deeper in nature, always maintaining excellent track energy. Very interesting the central break and its imaginative unexpected variations.Sunclock is very happy to promote young talents, especially when they produce good music. This single can not miss it. It will work great!