Max Marinacci - Diamonds (incl. Abicah Soul Remix) - SNK051

Debut dj / producer into Sunclock rooster. Max Marinacci, born in Rome and grew up in a family of musical artists, is already know for his productions with MoBlack Records and other great labels of the music business. His ‘Diamonds’ is a Deep House buzz with classic style: sober groove with interesting crescendo, pushing bassline. The main element of this song is the rounding piano ...


Cristian Vinci - Masai - SNK050

Sunclock again with the great Cristian Vinci! His new ‘Masai’ in an incredible Afro House pearl. Stunning percussive beat with hypnotic bassline, all surrounded by suggestive african choir and a funky guitar under the entire track. It’s a sober, effective and functional release perfect for the dancefloor!




New Release: Cristian Vinci 'MASAI' is out now on Traxsource!
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