Gemini Rhythm

Gemini Rhythm  photo

The project has result from the cooperation of two young minds, Danny Martino and Flavio De Sena, better known as Yankee.
Two best friends linked by the same passion: travelling in the universe of the music.
Inspired by the beats of American House music, they started to approach the electronic sound at the beginning of 2000, when this type of music was starting to spread in the South of Italy. They were still clubbers but their will to challenge themselves in djing became that strong that they finally decided to take a big step towards their dream: buy their first vinyls and record players.
Between 2000 and 2005 they studied this kind of music and the big changes that were occuring at the time in this field. They spent hours every day playing music and experimenting new techniques in order to find the combination that would work better.
The two friends travelled a lot and experienced musical cultures completely different from the Italian ones. In the name of the nightlife they visited many places such as London, Ibiza, Berlin, Amsterdam, etc. and thanks to this crazy travelling all over Europe they finally decided to assert themselves in the electronic world, not only like simple spectators but also like actors.
Soon after that they took part in a new project launched in the city of Napoli by "Alternative Sunday" consisting in how to organize after and party.
From this successful collaboration the Gemini Rhythm started and with it the partnership with some of the biggest names from the worldwide music scene such as Trus'me, Mars Bill, Raffaele Attanasio,Audiomatique, Antonio Pepe and many others, not only in the showcase of their organizations but also as guests of other Neapolitan promoters.
Recently they have started their musical production, always looking for deep and dark beat sounds to reproduce, having as example some Berliner performers and on the basis of the knowledge and experience gathered so far.

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