Dj Musique

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Being a music fanatic his whole life Mondli Dlamini joined the music and entertaintment scene in 2015 and became known as Dj Musique. Intrigued with spinning records and making crowds of people dance he taught himself how to produce and mix tracks, from listening to radio shows and numerous Dj mixtapes he furthur mastered the craft and was able to mix smoother and produce punchier music. Growing up in a predominantly popular Kwaito and house environmen, Musique naturally embraced the culture and startes dj'ing in 2015, Musique co-founded the lifestyle experience, a local froup of creatives that consisted some if his close friends. The Lifestyle Experience went on to host a few parties in Durban at some of the major clubs where Musique was the designated sound guy, Which is how he got his name Dj Musique. Musique was motivated to furthur his career and went to making his own music/productions in order to pursue his position as an audio creative on commercial radio.

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