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Pablo Martinez

Born and raised in London with a Hispanic upbringing, musical education for Pablo Martinez was received through a melting pot of styles, artists and influences.
Whilst Martinez is more commonly known today as a DJ/ Producer within the House Music circuit, flickers of his musical melting pot schooling are still very much evident today, engraved in his discography and performances.
He has co produced singles that have had Top 10 USA Billboard Chart success, and remixed singles that have hit Top 40 status in the UK National Charts.
Arista, BMG, West End, Kingstreet, Tribe, Expansion & United Music are featured in the listing of Record labels that have received the Martinez touch in conjunction with Artists such as Angie Stone, Donell Jones, Peven Everette, Stephanie Cooke, Afro Medusa, Kimara Lovelace, Roland Clark & Ian Friday. Martinez also heads up his own digi label CliqueAMP, a media platform releasing dance, lounge, nu-jazz, Afro & Latin music.
As a DJ, alongside regular appearances in his home town of London, Martinez has had the opportunity to perform in many international cities including the likes of Rome, Dubai...

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Alessandro Di Maria aka Sossa is surely one of the highest representative of the italian underground DJ scene. Since 1994 he begins to assert being resident DJ at Nove Nove Club of Riccione, legendary Sunday morning after-hour of the italian Riviera. After success in top italian clubs like Fitzcarraldo, Cocoricò, Mazoom, Kamakama, he jumps into the international DJ scene performing in clubs like , "The end" and "Pacha" in London, "Mint" in Leeds, "Arena" in Berlin, etc., settling as solid resident DJ at DC10 in Ibiza for several years. Since 5 years he dedicated body and soul to music productions. He produced on three different labels, the first one on vinyl club rec.:"rossobarberea", "soundtracks", "jurassick", "vignola" and "miscellanous"; also on La terra rec. "la torraccia", "svirgola", "colomba", "obesaic". On minisketch rec.the last two tracks "pinanza andai" and "jurassick remix". In the last year he was concentrated for produce a part of the soundtrack of the last Muccino's film, the new talent of italian cinematography. 


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Since the 1990’s Myxzlplix has been the one constant in the ever-shifting landscape of the San Diego DJ scene. Starting out with backyard parties in gang-held neighborhoods, and going on to publish a 'zine about Alternative early House & Techno, Myxzlplix soon became one of the names most associated with the nascent San Diego outlaw rave scene. While music stagnated in the sailor-filled clubs at the beach and barely existed in the early days of the Gaslamp district, Myxzlplix and his peers took the party to thousands of “underground kids” every weekend in the naked desert, "borrowed" parking lots, and empty warehouses. As the electronic dance movement peaked in the 90s, Myxzlplix was postumously welcomed into the clubs as an ambassador to the underground vibe in Southern California, the Pacific Northwest & abroad. Starting with his legendary stint at the longest and most popular weekly event "Hedonism" at Rich's; a landmark nightclub in the city's gay neighborhood, Myxzlplix has played nearly every dancefloor in San Diego county. Not one year has gone by since 1994 where Myxzlplix was not in residency at one or more nightclu...

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Rahjwanti, a native of NewOrleans, LA,most often describes his music as feel good music that lyrically tells stories about life and love and love music that makes your heart think. He coins his style of music, just plain Soul. This brother is indubitably a true seasoned musician who has garnered a reputation for writing and producing warm, heart-felt, and infectious songs that engage the heart. His humble yet aggresive spirit, along with his prolific musical talents has afforded him with many opportunities to fall comfortably into the music indusrty. Comeing out a city that is known for it's Jazz, and now rap music, Rahjwanti has found his nitch with his soul music. "People are looking for something different in NewOrleans, a fresh new look on music. I'm not doing anything new, I just offer a fresh look." It is no wonder some of his inspirations are, Stevie Wonder, John Lennon, Jeffrey Osborne, Donnie Hatheway, The Bettles, Luther Vandross, George Benson, and so many other soul singer of the past and present. " I have such of love for good writing, I once studied all os Stevie Wonders lyrics to learn how he used words to describe how he felt or or ho...

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Toto Chiavetta

Toto Chiavetta is a Sicilian-born music producer and DJ. He loves mixing down any type of sound as it represents a way to release emotions and states of mind otherwise, most of the time, unbearable. Toto is a music collector and begins the journey into production at the age of fourteen. From 2008 he runs a records label, Vialocal Recordings, in collaboration with is partner and long term friend Leonardo Chevy. He produces under the name of Toto Chiavetta, Vialocal and the Sicilian Crew (with the musician Giuseppe Alberghina and Leonardo Chevy). He had produced music for AtJazz Record, Yoruba, InHouse, Irma, Think! House Music, Bassline and "Vialocal Recordings". Toto prefers not to be categorized under a particular genre of music as the constant flux of life surely reflects into is music.


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