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Stefan Biniak

I like any reaction I can get with my music. Just anything to get people to think. I mean if you can get a whole room full of drunk, stoned people to actually wake up and think, you're doing something.

Jim Morrison

here you find some stuff I made...


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Uper Acid Band

Uper Acid is the meeting of two free electron. Passionate by electronic music and present on French & European Stage since 10 years. They found this original style in music from the world.
By mixing Tribal beat with Acid techno they found their own style. Already released on Copycow and Cronovision Ibiza, each label asking for a podcast, their second force are their DJ set, sweet and hot, to heavy and dark.


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Carlos Francisco photo

Carlos Francisco

A pure passion for 4x4 was conceived from the first electronic sounds of the early 80's but it was the birth of the House marked by tracks by the likes of Fingers Inc. and Marshal Jefferson that was eventually responsible for a healthy 10,000+ vinyl collection, lots of partying and over 20 years in the electronic dance scene to date.

Carlos Francisco started his DJ’ing career in Spain in local bars and clubs close to Barcelona at holiday destination Costa Brava at the age of 18. The early nineties were spent learning the craft of turntablism skills so often lacking in today’s break-through ‘DJs’ during marathon nightly 10 hour sets.
In 1994, Carlos was taken on board by a London promoter and begun spinning at more well known clubs like Bagleys, The Cross, Turnmills, Pacha and eventually a 6 year residency for Rulin' at the Ministry of Sound. Carlos was taken on board by The Ministry Of Sound 'Dance Nation' and other tours taking him to many countries and venues around the globe.
Natural progression lead Carlos in to the studio to experiment with his beloved sound. Over the last decade and a half, the fruits of his music production have...

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AfroDrum  photo


AfroDrum is a Johannesburg born producer/dj/remixed who resides in Pretoria.
He started producing House music in 2011 when he was doing his 1st year in varsity.
His style of music is inspired by nature & everything that revolves around him.

He produces mostly Deep/Afro House music & has a strong bond with Drums & sneaky basslines.
He believes that music is produced for two reasons, to make u dance or to communicate with your spirit.

The name AfroDrum best describes him as "Afro" means proudly African & "Drum" happens to be his favourite instrument.

He has worked on a number of successful projects with other up coming producers & he sure will keep the good music coming.



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Beyond Tone photo

Beyond Tone

In November 2010, there was a meeting of minds and Beyond Tone was born.
Our aim for The Beyond Tone project is to express our own life experiences through a synergy of futuristic music production & Spoken Word
From a thought, to an idea, married together by both members’ undiluted passion of these two expressive & potent mediums.


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