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Sossa feat. Snowflake - Reflection (Incl. Detroit Shadow Remix) - SNKE002

Beatport Release: 21th December 2015
Worldwide Release: 4th January 2016

‘SNKE’ new division is evolving into the Deep Tech direction. After the debut release now it’s time to get back with another huge release. ‘​Reflection’ by S​ossa feat. Snowflake, ​is a Deep House song with an hypnotic style thanks to the particular vocals lyrics and effect used on it. The package contain Original Mix, Talkback aka Sossa & Jacopo G and remix by D​etroit Shadow aka Luca Bortolo & Renè. This song will have for sure a great impact on your dancefloor. ‘SNKE’ is a guarantee brand.

‘Original Mix’ has a gummy groove with a bouncing bassline that never let you untill the end of the track. Vocals are very pressing, perfectly fused with the dynamism of the version. Hot elettro pad perfectly fill the entire track atmosphere. A killerfloor!

‘Detroit Shadow Remix’ is incredibly sick. The main synth melody is totally overwhelming, and never stop until the end. The vocals tonality variation and elettro effects are the only things that continuously change. But this track will let the dancefloor bored.

‘Talkback aka DJ Sossa & Jacopo G Mix’ has a more classical Deep House imprint. Hypnotic groove and sounds, a travel mix of synths, elettro percussion and dark atmosphere. A refined track that people will appreciate for sure.