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KAARGO - Abnormal Behaviour Ep - SNK106

Traxsource Release: 5th December 2019
Worldwide Release: 19 dicembre 2019

KAARGO is another fantastic duo from South Africa... land of new promises in the House music scene. This time we are presented with "Abnormal Behaviour EP", a package containing 4 eclectic tracks that you can not do without.
"Abnormal Behaviour" is an afro house track with a warm and decisive groove, an engaging and well-structured bass, and synth melodies marked by well-settled string notes. Everything is perfectly blended in a constant crescendo. The break leaves a bit of space to give way to new very sharp electronic synths that transform the whole track with very strong tech influences.
"Errant Breeze" has a spectacular and unhealthy intro. The groove that appears at the second minute is straight and hypnotic, but with a slow pace. The sounds are well composed, always Afro deep. Elegant, particular and very beautiful track.
"Mother's Tongue" is an unstoppable train that goes straight from the first beats. The bass is very particular and the electronic synths are very rough and constantly growing throughout the track. The track touches the techno style but maintaining a deeper composure. The break is spectacular, useful to cook well the dancefloor.
"Transictor" is a very robotic deep track with very sharp synths but with percussive roots present in the whole groove. Also in this track the electronic synths have a logic out of the world, but that will accompany the dancefloor in a mental journey without return.
This package is inexplicable... but listening to it, playing it, and dancing it I think will be unique experiences for everyone who comes across it.