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Bob Singh - Keepin' It Deep (incl. MR KG, N'Dinga Gaba, Q Narongwate, Vincent Kwok Rmxs) - SNK108

Traxsource Release: 9th January 2019
Worldwide Release: 23rd January 2019

Please welcome Bob Singh, a young producer from Jakarta. His purely deep house style is very strong and this is demonstrated by his "Keepin' It Deep" a very special gem that boasts remixes of Mr KG, N'Dinga Gaba, Q Narongwate and Vincent Kwok. A respectable package!
Original Mix' has a classic and refined 4/4 mould, characterized by a very warm and enveloping pad melody that relies on a stylish bass turn.
Mr KG Sunset Mix' has a dirtier groove and a more hypnotic musical imprint. A particular perpetual synth is the backbone of this version. A warm pad softens the atmosphere giving it further refinement.
N'Dinga Gaba' has a straight and energetic groove. The electronic synths that are immediately apparent give a strong dance-oriented imprint. The rhythmic structure and arrangements are effective and the synth melodies create a vortex that will give a strong grip to the bigger dancefloors!
Q Naronwate Remix' has its unmistakable deep house imprint. Groove punctuated by light percussion and with a very refined structure. Unpredictable and well thought out centre break. This version will create a unique atmosphere in the club.
Vincent Kwow Remix' plays especially with the synth melody creating a particularly effective effect on the track and listening. The groove is straight and perfectly calibrated for the dancefloor. In its entirety it is a surprising version. A great package to have at all costs!