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Dub & More - Ogum Reminiscence - SNK063

Traxsource Release: 26th April 2018
Worldwide Release: 10th May 2018

It is a real train that does not want to stop. We talk about "Ognum Reminiscence", a devastating deep house production, with minimal-tech influences, composed to perfection for having a strong impact on the energy on the dance floor, as well as building a fantastic atmosphere throughout the club. Thanks to the overwhelming groove, the sharp synths and a tickling bass, it is a record that can be played in the middle of the evening. The dub version goes a lot more with a more accentuated groove and the more acidic nature of the synths ... always keeping a certain composure, without making it back in terms of track energy. "Dub & More", this new Italian duo makes his debut in style ... and we at "Sunclock" are happy to welcome them and help them build their path.