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Leonardo Chevy - Love And Trust Go Together, Pt.2 (inc. Carlos Francisco & Dj Aakmael Rmxs) - SNK066

Traxsource Release: 17th May 2018
Worldwide Release: 31th May 2018

Remember "Love And Trust Go Together" by Leonardo Chevy? Surely yes because it was a real bomb! Well the record is repeated with interesting remixes. The Afro version by Carlos Francisco is a really effective review! The percussive beat is a kind of train that never stops and its evolutions are perfectly stitched to the verses of the song that remain deadly as always. The second remix is by the famous "Dj Aakmael" who has fun with imaginative groove and synth games reminiscent of a vague, well-built deep atmosphere. The well-composed synth melodies over a refined lap of pad. The key House of Carlos Francisco has a more classic mold but with an unusual energy given by the power of the bass turn and the charge that releases the central break. A second part really not to be missed!