Pablo Martinez

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Born and raised in London with a Hispanic upbringing, musical education for Pablo Martinez was received through a melting pot of styles, artists and influences.
Whilst Martinez is more commonly known today as a DJ/ Producer within the House Music circuit, flickers of his musical melting pot schooling are still very much evident today, engraved in his discography and performances.
He has co produced singles that have had Top 10 USA Billboard Chart success, and remixed singles that have hit Top 40 status in the UK National Charts.
Arista, BMG, West End, Kingstreet, Tribe, Expansion & United Music are featured in the listing of Record labels that have received the Martinez touch in conjunction with Artists such as Angie Stone, Donell Jones, Peven Everette, Stephanie Cooke, Afro Medusa, Kimara Lovelace, Roland Clark & Ian Friday. Martinez also heads up his own digi label CliqueAMP, a media platform releasing dance, lounge, nu-jazz, Afro & Latin music.
As a DJ, alongside regular appearances in his home town of London, Martinez has had the opportunity to perform in many international cities including the likes of Rome, Dubai, Prague, Miami, Lisboa, Bordeaux, Milan, Ljubljana, Napoli, Bangkok, Venice, Madrid & Santiago.
From an intimate 200 pax Private A-list Celebrity PR Campaign event hosted by Thandie Newton in London to an MTV powered Full Moon Festival in Koh Phangan, Thailand in front of thousands, Martinez is just at home performing at both ends of the event spectrum and has delivered performances at pretty much all event types one can think of that lie in between.

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