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The New York City subway lines that run trough Manhattan inspired the Vialocal name. At any subway stop in Manhattan, one can find the sign "via local" written above the local train track. The local subway trains, as opposed to the "express" trains, stop at each and every subway stop in New York City. The choice of that specific name, than, is not random. The "via local" subway cars in themselves are all small theatres of the most spectacular and multi-racial city in the world, New York City. The music that Vialocal Recordings intend to release would be an appropriates soundtrack for those subway cars. That is one of the reasons why Vialocal Recordings' music will not be able to be categorized and it aims to meet the different musical tastes of diverse listeners. Different musical tastes as diverse the "via local" subway cars user are in Manhattan.

LEONARDO CHEVY's musical roots go back to the eighties because of is innate passion for disco and early raw house music. He boasts an unbelievable music collection with uncountable pieces of rare records and tapes. Gradualy, Leonardo Chevy has turned his passion for music into spinning music in clubs, playing in some of the most popular nationl parties, particularly in Italy, where he lives. He is one half of Vialocal together with Toto Chiavetta and often playing to with double console in the clubs... pure adrenaline! In additon to the VIALOCAL RECORDINGS, he made some productions as Vialocal for AtJazz Records, Defected, Cabana Recordings, Nulu Electronic, Gotta Keep Faith, Think! House Music, Irma Records and Bassline Records. Leonardo Chevy plays any joint that may donate vibrations to his soul. Join him. He will be your house music brotha!

TOTO CHIAVETTA is a Sicilian-born music producer and dj. He loves mixing down any type of sound as it represents a way to release emotions and states of mind otherwise, most of the time, unbereable. Toto is a music collector and begins the journey into production at the age of fourteen. From 2008 he runs a records label, Vialocal Recordings, in collaboration with is partner and long term friend Leonardo Chevy. He produces under the name of Vialocal, Toto Chiavetta, and the Sicilian Crew (with the musician Giuseppe Alberghina and Leonardo Chevy). He had produced music for AtJazz Record, Yoruba, Cabana Recordings, Nulu Electronic, Inhouse, Irma, Think! House Music, Bassline and "VIALOCAL RECORDINGS". Toto prefers not to be categorized under a particular genre of music as the constant flux of life surely reflects into is music.

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