Xerophytic Soul

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Xerophytic Soul's original name is Mbulelo Mehlomakhulu, born in 20 February1995. He grew up listening mainly to House music, from the age of 9 he realized his extraordinary passion for music and thus he wished to produce one of his own. In 2009 He introduced himself to music production, however due to being a self-taught music producer he struggled a lot in making good sounds but kept pushing. Blaque Core played a major role in helping Xerophytic Soul to elevate his craft and be the best, conversely Blaque Core was more knowledgeable about the music business, as a result Xerophytic Soul grabbed a lot from him. In 2012 Braque Core introduced Xerophytic Soul to Profound Nation, at that time they were amazed by Xerophytic Soul's progression as a young talent, later on he created a deep bond with the Profound Nation founder, Taboo Tenant (The Jazz). 2013 Xerophytic Soul released his first solo EP under DNH (Soulful Delight PT.1) that introduced the world to this young talented artist, containing one of his most popular hit songs "Ancient Cultures", he continued to work harder in mastering his art and he released later on the year his collaboration EP with The Jazz, which producers respect. Continuing from that EP he dropped another EP with FOMP titled "Ocean Life EP" and one with Catch 22 records in New York. These two EPs contributed into enhancing his recognition as an artist to other countries besides South Africa. Xerophytic Soul's recognition of his art and passion of music is trading at an excellent pace, with his goals to reach the highest heights and give the world what he believes he lives for. Other great artists that pitched Xerophytic Soul to what he is today are the likes of Nick Holder, DJ Disciple NYC, Dj Rubi NYC, Joseph Hines, Soul Varti to name a few.. Xerophytic Soul is well inspired by Osunlade, Jimpster, Atjazz & Kuniyuki Takahashi to name a few.

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