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A genuine palermitano, born on 02 February 1980, he has been playing among consoles, vinyl and cd players when he was 12 years old, recreating in his living room a real discotheque with strobe and mirror ball where he hosted parties with his childhood friends.
In 1995 he started as dj in a small radio station but in 1999 he had the opportunity to show his musical creativity more widely, joining the artistic staff of Radio Action Palermo and actually he edit the programming of Boudoir Soiree on Wednesday.
Since 1999 he has come a long way, gathering a broad expertise of radio and nightclubs world, constantly expanding his musical knowledge in a new and special way, rejigging and reviewing innovatively his sequences and his interpretation, the same that takes him to be required by some of the coolest clubs and most exclusive parties, not just locally but at national level as well.
He worked as supporter dj for important dJs in the national and international music scene: among them Marco Fullone stands out, deejay and art director of Radio Monte Carlo, Ivan Iacobucci, Stephane Pompougnac, dj at Hotel Costes.
He has also worked and cooperated with great musicians: Giuseppe Milici, known harmonica player, Barbara Tucker, lead singer of world famous dance-house, Sharon May Linn, outstanding dance-house singer and vocalist.
In the summer of 2006 he introduced the concert of Jamiroquai in Palermo.
About his most important musical projects we could talk about “Mida Sunset” (performances at sunset, supported by very important jazz musicians ) and the musical project called “Undertow” (strictly electronic but very highly defined at the same time, for serious watch wearers only)
Actually he works with several clubs like Metropole, Dejavu and Morgana in Taormina (ME) and many clubs around Italy.
An opened and communicative smile, just like his exciting way to play behind the console, with his power and strength.
Constantly evolving, creative and eclectic, he prefers musical mixes of soft and elegant sounds.
Certainly soul and jazz, attractive Soulfull House and Deep House atmospheres, but also Garage and Electro Funk, including House and Tech-House music.
“What makes particular his way to play the music from the music is that whatever he plays he keeps always his only and inimitable style, and even if you close your eyes you can always Know that Mirko Vice is palying for you”.

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