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AfroDrum - The Return - SNK068

Traxsource Release: 7th June 2018
Worldwide Release: 21st June 2018

"The Return" by AfroDrum is a new and fresh single Afro House composed of two magnificent tracks, one of which in collaboration with Dj Musiq. The track "The Return" is extremely refined, evocative melodies created by wind instruments, piano and guitar. The bass is warm but soft, without detracting from the danceable production. "Planet Deep" produced together with Dj Musiq has a dirtier groove in addition to a different nature. The electronic synth that marks the turn of bass is very effective and stylish. The background effects are very mystical and refined giving extreme sophistication to the whole track. The warm voice accompanies all at regular intervals, and in the second half a soft piano and a further hint of percussion fantastically close the piece. The 3 elements that characterize this production are: Quality, imagination and refinement ... why do you let them escape?