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Born in august 1974 under the sign of the Leo ascendant Sagittarius cant live without music, ladies and smoked chicken Manoo began his carreer in 1995 in Lyon .His musical culture at this time included a wide range of styles: Hip-hop(De la soul ,A Tribe called Quest),Afro-beat (Fela Kuti, high life music..)and more specifically House music. He built himself a strong reputation as a Dj ,and more precisely for his capacity to dig out hot and exclusive tracks. In 1996 he became resident of the Ambassade known in France for having amazing sets and regularly hosted famous DJs. Thats how Manoo got the opportunity to heat the crowd for stars such as: David Morales; Kerri Chandler ;Todd Terry; Little Louie Vega; Dimitri from Paris; Dj Deep ;Saint Germain Thanks to his passionate and burning sets ,he gained week after week a larger and devoted following.

As a dj , Manoo is undoubtedly one of the greatest talent and a rising star of the French House community. In 2001,he made his first attempt as a producer. He started the Rodamaal project with his friends Alex and Rocco. Their first release love island on Jazz-up records o...

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Giuseppe Magnatti

Born from an Italian father and American mother originating in Gaeta Italy, a small coastal town between Naples and Rome Giuseppe started his musical carrier at 15. Mixing a career at sea as a navigator on board some of the world’s largest cruise ships with the small town roots of Gaeta inspires deep, fresh and insightful beats.

Driven by his father’s artistic background Giuseppe’s early career started with local clubs and DJ’ing local events. Starting work as a navigator Giuseppe creates his music between home and the sea always lending passion to his work and with the classic flare creates all his DJ Sets from original vinyl. Constantly looking for new tools that will add the icing to the cake to his productions such as rare vinyl and vintage synthesizers; delivering all house lovers the experience that made house music standout years ago.

It’s always been his dream to create music for some of the world’s biggest labels and spin the decks at the most exclusive clubs; hopefully with each production he moves one step closer to success.

Working hard to release new sounds fused from the experience as a DJ, vinyl collector...

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Xerophytic Soul

Xerophytic Soul's original name is Mbulelo Mehlomakhulu, born in 20 February1995. He grew up listening mainly to House music, from the age of 9 he realized his extraordinary passion for music and thus he wished to produce one of his own. In 2009 He introduced himself to music production, however due to being a self-taught music producer he struggled a lot in making good sounds but kept pushing. Blaque Core played a major role in helping Xerophytic Soul to elevate his craft and be the best, conversely Blaque Core was more knowledgeable about the music business, as a result Xerophytic Soul grabbed a lot from him. In 2012 Braque Core introduced Xerophytic Soul to Profound Nation, at that time they were amazed by Xerophytic Soul's progression as a young talent, later on he created a deep bond with the Profound Nation founder, Taboo Tenant (The Jazz). 2013 Xerophytic Soul released his first solo EP under DNH (Soulful Delight PT.1) that introduced the world to this young talented artist, containing one of his most popular hit songs "Ancient Cultures", he continued to work harder in mastering his art and he released later on the year his collaboration EP with The Jazz, which producers ...

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Sebb Junior

Based in Spain, Sebb Junior is just the second alias of the DJ Producer Sebb Aston. The idea behind this concept was to produce the tracks Aston should have produced (but did not) in the 90s. After re-buying those old machines he had at this time and review the entire set up in the studio, Junior is now ready to produce some new music only with his old hardware. Junior's music is not so different than Aston's one, it's still House Music, but the use of old drum machines and samplers give to Junior's track a more authentic feeling, and a more crunchy and vintage sound.


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Greg Gauthier

Greg Gauthier is a French Soulful Deep & Afro House producer, remixer and DJ.

In 1994 with his partner Sven love, he created Cheers, the outstanding Soulful House & Garage party in Paris during the 90's.

Beautifully translated onto the big screen by Mia Hansen-Love and her brother, Eden is an emotional journey for a whole generation of Parisian clubbers, who lived through the unforgettable era when electronic experimentation fused seamlessly with soul music, bringing them right back to the Cheers dancefloor.

In 2004 Greg launched the seminal Sunday party "Dance Culture" which became a Mecca for dancers not only from Paris, but from around the world with a Unique Soulful, Deep & Afro House sound trademark !

He also runs a more eclectic night called “Paris Soul Groove” where he plays all kind of quality music from Underground Disco Funk classics, R&B, to Brasilian music, Latin, Jazz, or Afrobeat.

With numerous house hits like Sure Thing, Old L...

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